The Compacting Process


The Compacting Process

Compaction is the process of compressing fine-sized powders between a roll compactor. The compacted material is then typically reduced in size and screened to specification.

The typical compaction/granulation process includes these steps.

Materials are fed and mixed from the material silo into the compactor. Feed materials are then pressed together into compacts by roll compactors.
The produced compacts are broken into granules and classified into desired particle size. Undersize materials are fed back into the roll compactor while oversize materials are fed back for further size reduction.
Materials of the final desired size and shape are ready for any further finishing, such as drying or anti-caking agent application, and prepped for final packaging.

Tailor the Compaction / Granulation Process for Your Needs

Work with the KOMAREK engineering staff to determine the compaction/granulation equipment for your material handling needs.