Compaction / Granulation Solutions


Compaction / Granulation Solutions

KOMAREK’s compaction and granulation solutions can provide your business with the answer to its challenges.

Similar in design to our roll briquetter machines, KOMAREK’s custom roll compactors use a higher compaction pressure and specialized product shape to produce a suitable compacted material. This allows materials to be compacted into a specialized solid form product shape – such as stick-shaped agglomerates, or flat or corrugated sheets – and then granulated to a more useable size.

Roll compactors are used to compact and granulate:


Compaction / Granulation

Specialized Knowledge In Compaction / Granulation

Typical compaction and granulation plants include special auxiliary equipment used for milling, screening, mixing, de-aeration and material handling. This equipment needs to be properly selected and designed to ensure proper operating conditions and quality product.

KOMAREK provides assistance with the complete design of compaction and granulation plants to operate under various conditions and ensure all equipment is well-suited to your specifications.

Our compaction/granulation systems can also be designed with special corrosion-resistant materials such as Hastelloy®, Inconel® or other materials as required to meet your needs.

For more information on the compaction process or any of our briquetting and compaction/granulation machines, email us at You can also visit the website of our parent company, Koppern Group, to learn more about the compaction process.

Decide the Compaction / Granulation Solution for Your Needs

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