Briquetting Solutions

Briquetting Solutions

KOMAREK roll briquetter machines are designed to turn fine particles or residues into hard, dense briquettes of a specific shape and size. KOMAREK has all of your briquetting solutions.

Several common uses for KOMAREK roll briquetting machines include:


The Briquetting Process




History of Briquetting Innovation

With over a century of experience, KOMAREK draws upon our specialized knowledge to advise or assist your company in the design of a complete briquetting or compacting system. In most cases, we can suggest or supply additional ancillary equipment related to the briquetting machine.



The Use of Binders in the Briquetting Process

Roll briquette machines use moderate-to-high pressure to turn fine powders and granules into briquettes. However, with certain materials, binders – additives that help retain a briquette shape – are added.

Briquetting without Binders
  • Pressed at moderate to high pressure without additional materials added
  • Ideal for many crystalline and mineral components such as salt and lime that can be briquetted with pressure alone
Briquetting with Binders
  • Binders, like molasses, sodium silicate, carnauba wax and other chemicals, are added to hold the briquetted shape
  • Used for materials such as steel mill waste streams, chromite ore, charcoal
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Determine the Briquetting Solution for Your Needs

Chat with a KOMAREK expert about determining the right briquette shape, size and application for your material handling needs.