HPGRs for Low to High Tonnage Applications


The energy-efficiency of crushing and grinding is an increasingly important issue across all processing industries requiring comminution or size reduction of material. Today, high energy costs coupled with the worldwide initiative to reduce CO2 emissions have made state-of-the art HPGRs indispensable in many processing industries. These highly efficient comminution machines require considerably less energy compared to conventional size reduction equipment.

To date, HPGRs have been primarily designed and manufactured for high tonnage applications. Due to the increasing need for highly efficient comminution machines in applications ranging from low to high tonnage capacities, the Köppern Group has focused on developing a complete HPGR series ranging from low to high tonnage machines. These machines can be used to process a wide range of materials across an array of industries and applications.

HPGR Economic Advantages:

  • Lower specific energy consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • High machine availability
  • Small machine footprint
  • Steady process throughput
  • Process adjustability
  • Preferred particle breakage at mineral grain boundaries

Communition Efficiency

  • Uniform compression of material between the rollers
  • Very short retention time
  • Minimal energy requirement for material transport in the HPGR
  • Small and 100% active high pressure grinding zone
  • Reduced grinding media consumption

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Is The HGPR Right For You?

Different needs require different machines. Let KOMAREK help you determine the best solution for your process application.