KOMAREK Briquetting Machines

B100RX Laboratory Machine

The Model B100RX machine is designed specifically for research and development of the compacting or briquetting process. The B100RX is the most cost effective and versatile laboratory machine in the industry.


  • Cantilevered roll design for easy roll replacement
  • Horizontal feed design provides more versatile and precise feed into the rolls
  • Pockets are available in different shapes and sizes
  • Variable speed roll and screw feeder drives to maximize product quality
  • Motorized hydraulic pump for easy adjustment of roll separating force
  • Rolls and feed screws are available in wear & corrosion resistant alloys
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • CE certified for many international installations when required

Model B100RX Specifications

Roll Diameter 5.1 in 130 mm
Roll Width 2 in 51 mm
Maximum Roll Separating Force 9.4 tons 92 kN
Roll Drive (Typical) 3 hp 2.25 kW
Feeder Drive (Typical) 2 hp 1.49 kW
Hydraulic Pump (typical) 1 hp .75 kW
Throughput Range (Depending on briquette size and density) 25 - 250 lbs/hr 11 - 115 kg/hr
Machine Weight (Typical) 1,500 lb 680 kg

Is The B100RX Right For You?

Different needs require different machines. Let KOMAREK help you determine the best solution for your process application.