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For over a century, the KOMAREK brand has been synonymous with the design and manufacturing of briquetting, compaction and granulation machines.


KOMAREK offers a variety of roll briquetters and custom roll compactors. Our machines can be tailored to your specific applications and are capable of handling sizes as small as 5 lbs (lab size), up to 60 tons (production-machine size) per hour.

KOMAREK briquetting machines application salt
KOMAREK briquetting machines application Steel Mill
KOMAREK briquetting machines application Minerals
KOMAREK briquetting machines specialty chemicals
KOMAREK briquetting machines application micronutrients
KOMAREK briquetting machines application Lime
KOMAREK briquetting machines application lithium carbonate
KOMAREK briquetting machines application charcoal coal

Key features of KOMAREK briquetting, compaction and granulation machines:

  • Horizontal and vertical feed for screw or gravity feed options
  • Custom sizes and shapes for pockets
  • Variable speed roll and screw feeder drives to maximize product quality
  • Rolls and feed screws available in wear and corrosion-resistant alloys
  • Designed for easy maintenance

KOMAREK's Exclusive Cantilevered Machines

Our versatile B and BH Series machines feature a unique cantilevered roll design, pioneered by KOMAREK, that prevents overloading and streamlines roll replacement.

KOMAREK's heavy-duty DH Series machines include screw feed or gravity feed options. Wide horizontal roll shafts supported by heavy duty roller bearings offer better control and easy maintenance.

Roller Presses for Large-Scale Agglomeration

As a Koeppern Equipment, Inc. company, KOMAREK offers larger production briquetting, compaction, comminution and wear protection solutions.

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KOMAREK has over 800 briquetting, compaction and granulation machines installed worldwide, in multiple industries including:

KOMAREK Briquetting Machines


KOMAREK Briquetting Machines


KOMAREK Briquetting Machines


KOMAREK Briquetting Machines




KOMAREK Briquetting Machines


KOMAREK Briquetting Machines


KOMAREK Briquetting Machines



"KOMAREK provides us with engineering and technical expertise to modify and continuously improve the design of our production equipment to meet the needs of our customers in the specialty micronutrients markets."


"In spite of all the things that could break down when you run gritty material 16 hours a day, five days a week, the only real downtime we’ve had is the scheduled regular preventive maintenance program."
Steve M. [STEEL]

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